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I returned to work in January and have been trying to catch up with th back-log since then.  However, I am back to full normal service now.


I have broken my right wrist, so will be out of action for a few weeks.  I will still be taking orders, but there will be a delay in completing them.


I attended at rather wet Rushden and District Riding Club Championship Show at Chelveston on 23rd September, and provided a prize for the ridden hunter class in the form of a set of best quality hand made stirrup leathers.



12,000th hand stitched handlebar grip delivered to Pashley!


Today I delivered a set of overboots to World Champion farrier Darren Bazin.  These are intended for use in competitions, and will be slipped over the horse's foot between the shoeing and judging in order to protect the shoe from any contamination.  This set is made from chap suede and tightens above the fetlock by means of a toggle.  The design is based on a set of similar, though heavier, leather boots that I saw in the armoury when I worked at Boughton House - these were worn by the horses used to mow the lawns in order to prevent hoof marks appearing in the grass.

 Leather Overboots


BBC Countryfile featured a report from the Pashley bicycle factory in Stratford-Upon-Avon, where Ellie Harrison was shown with the Pashley Guv'nor cycle.  This is fitted with the leather handlebar grips that I stitch.  Sadly I didn't get a mention!