Tack and Saddle Marking

We offer a tack marking service not only for saddles, but for any item of tack.  Property can be marked with either a postcode or unique reference/serial number, and advice can be given on how best to register and secure your tack.  Leather goods can be marked by stamping at a cost of £5.00 per item.


£19.99 (fitted at no extra cost)

We are agents for the Saddle-Trac microchip system for saddle and tack security.  The microchip tag has a unique identity number and is weather and impact resistant.  It is easily embedded into the flocking holes on your saddle  with the simple applicator, and cannot be removed without dismantling the saddle.  This gives your saddle a unique tamper-proof identity.  The microchip number can be read by means of a radio frequency scanner by the police, Horsewatch officers and by the network of authorised Saddle-Trac centres.  The device is small enough that it can be stitched into bridles, headcollars and rugs if required.  Buy from the online shop or telephone if you would like me to fit it for you.